7mm scale Layout in North America - Pointwork supplied.   I have mentioned the lack of signals to him….

Signal based on Brent can now be seen on RMWeb “a nod to Brent”  along some of the other signals on the layout. Just to clarify, I don’t do just GWR signals!

For those interested I also have a thread on Rmweb.

2 Part etched brass signal posts in 7mm scale 4mm and 2mm scales

 30ft scale heights (approx)

Now available

Semaphore Signals

Servo operation of signals and working lights options all available.

All GWR and WR semaphore signals feature prototypical hollow ball finials supplied by Modelu.!!

Trackwork 4mm scale and 7mm scale too!

Modelu 2 bolt slide chairs now available for 2 bolt slidechair pointwork

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